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Developed in cooperation with the company LSRM, software for spectrometric systems is compatible with all analyzers manufactured by SPC Aspect.

Basic software of LSRM family solves general problems of spectrometric analysis conducted with various types of spectrometers (scintillator and semi-conductor) and for different types of radiation (alpha-beta-gamma):

  • SpectraLineGP (GammaPrecision) - Precise processing of gamma spectra, identification, calculation of activity.
  • SpectraLineADA (Alpha Decay Analysis) - Processing of alpha spectra.
  • SpectraLineBG (Beta Gamma) - Gamma-beta spectrometric analysis.
  • SpectraLineHandy - Measurement of gamma sources with hand-held spectrometers: identification, calculation of open sources activity and activity of sources in shielding containers.
  • SpectraLine - Analyzer manager. Processing of linear spectra.
  • LsrmLite - Analyzer manager.

All software can be used in Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/Vista environment.

Software of previous line can also be used:

Certain software is designed for solving specific tasks using specialized spectrometric systems:

  • Monitoring of radioactive materials trafficking LsrmCustoms
  • Inspection of radioactive waste Diogen
  • Liquid medium monitoring SpectraLineWater
  • Radon activity measurement by the activated carbon sorption method LrsmRadon

Software for MS DOS environment is also provided.

  • Analyzer manager AN
  • Processing of gamma-spectra of natural radio-nuclides AnERN
  • Processing of gamma-spectra AnGamma

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