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Nuclear Industry

Radiation environment and personnel contamination monitoring at nuclear facilities

Customs Control

Wide range of equipment for fissile and radioactive materials monitoring at customs checkpoints

Anti-Terrorist Security

Protection of facilities and areas against unlawful terrorist-related interference involving radioactive materials

Environmental Monitoring

Supply of products for continuous integrated monitoring of radiation environment

Development of the product concept

Technical professionals and industry experts work on technical  and cost estimations, and, when necessary, description of the proposed design and functional advantages of the product. The head company employs over 200 highly qualified specialists, 7 of which hold scientific degrees.

Engineering definition of the product

Development of draft design, task order, specifications, and analysis of applications. The design is checked for operability followed by checking of assembly and testing of the product prototype.

Certification tests

Our experience shows that this stage is an essential part of the product success.  This stage includes definition of the product class, necessity of certification pre-tests, and development of certification test program.


We support all stages of development: from site surveys and discussion of the customer’s requirements to putting equipment into operation.  With our products in operation in over 40 countries, we have gained a wealth of experience in negotiations and implementation of projects meeting local requirements and regulations.


SPC ASPECT possesses in-house powerful, all-purpose and mobile mechanical production facilities that support integrity of the process and expanding production volumes of the company.


In-house test and metrology facilities guarantee high reliability and quality of our products.


SPC ASPECT service department provides mounting and commencement of equipment at the customer’s site, which guarantees optimal performance of our products.


The scientific potential of the company is strengthened by in-house production facilities with high-precision instrumentation, which allows us to output quality products of any level of complexity, including customized products as per the customer’s requirements.

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Training following start-up and adjustment

Before commencement of the installed equipment, service department technicians instruct the users in operation of the equipment and answer their questions.

Factory trainings

Our company has a team of trainers, training materials and facilities to provide training of the customer’s specialists in operation and maintenance of SPC ASPECT products in accordance with their training levels and customer’s needs. Online trainings are also possible.

On-site training

Training of the customer’s specialists in operation of our products can be provided on the customer’s site. On-site training is conducted with the SPC ASPECT equipment installed at the site, as well as with specially developed training equipment and software.


Our products do not require deep specialized knowledge for their successful operation. Yet, training of the customer’s personnel in efficient operation and maintenance strengthens their abilities in solving their tasks and reduces costs of unforeseen repairs of equipment due to inappropriate operation.

Information support

SPC ASPECT specialists provide highly-qualified technical support to the users of our equipment, online and email consulting, prompt response to operation and maintenance requests, along with remote diagnostics of the equipment and software status.

Maintenance and repair

Timely maintenance of the equipment ensures its efficient and extended performance.  SPC ASPECT service department specialists have qualification and many years’ experience in maintenance and repair of our products, provide regular maintenance and, if necessary, repair of the equipment either at factory or on-site.

Customer support

One of the most essential processes for us is customer support starting from the assistance in choosing the right equipment  to after-sales support.

Our priority is supreme quality of our products and solutions

Strong development and competitive capacity due to combination of deep scientific research and overwhelming production control.

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Professionalism and expertise

1. Flexibility and customized approach

Apart from our standard products, we provide customized solutions tailored to the customer’s tasks and requirements. At all stages of work, we cooperate with our customers to develop an optimal solution for their tasks.

2. Wide range of products and sales geography

Our products are supplied to over 40 countries and are in successful operation in diverse climates, from the Caribbean countries to Kamchatka and from the north polar regions of Russia to the South Africa.

3. Quality and reliability

Quality Management System complies with the requirements of the GOST Russian State Standard and ISO 9001:2015