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We offer a wide range of services in various fields

Pre-design survey

Pre-design survey of the proposed site of installation is intended for determining of the optimal variant of placement and integration of the equipment that would allow the customer to make the best use of their financial, physical and time resources, and reduce potential risks.

Pre-design surveys can be provided by a JSC SPC ASPECT expert on-site, or can be done by the customer themselves following recommendations on the site preparation provided by JSC SPC ASPECT.

Design documentation

Our company is a member of Self-regulated organizations OPORA (for design documentation) and Interregional Building Association (for construction), which grants us a right to develop design documentation, perform construction, reconstruction, major repair of capital construction facilities (including highly dangerous facilities, technically complex and unique facilities, excluding nuclear energy facilities).

Design development

Development of a design includes several tasks such as detailed survey of the site proposed for installation of the equipment, selection of the optimal placement taking into account critical factors, and preparation of documents required for project implementation.

Mounting of the equipment

JSC SPC ASPECT department service provides mounting of the equipment at the sites of its installation followed by putting it into operation and checking of its performance.

Upon agreement with the customer, JSC SPC ASPECT specialists visit the sites proposed for installation to provide technical consultations. JSC SPC ASPECT provides the customer with recommendations on preparation of installation sites, and proposes variants of the project implementation.

Mounting and start-up of equipment are provided by JSC SPC ASPECT or our regional authorized dealers.

Adjustment and commencement

Mounting is followed by adjustment and commencement, which includes checking of the mounting correctness, setting up of individual parameters, initial run, adjustment, testing, drawing of papers and brief instruction of the customer in the rules of operation and maintenance of the installed equipment.

Acceptance tests

Acceptance tests are the final stage of mounting and start-up and includes inspection of the installed equipment by the JSC SPC ASPECT and the Customer, various tests and measurements, drawing of reports and signing of all related documents.

Mounting and start-up

All works are provided by JSC SPC ASPECT service department basing on long-term or one-time contracts with customers. Our regular customers may request these services by sending a service request or a commitment letter. Upon completion of this work, bilateral technical confirmation and financial papers are signed.

Training Goals

JSC SPC ASPECT products do not require deep specialized knowledge for their successful operation. After start-up and commencement, JSC SPC ASPECT service department specialists provide a brief instruction of the customer’s (or end-user’s) personnel in the amount sufficient for correct operation of the equipment.

However, undertaking factory trainings allows the customer’s (end user’s) personnel to have a deeper insight into functional capabilities of the equipment, obtain detailed information on keeping the equipment in operative condition, operation practices, maintenance and troubleshooting.


Trainings can be conducted either at JSC SPC ASPECT facilities (Dubna, Moscow Region, Russia) or at the customer’s site.

When the training is conducted at JSC SPC ASPECT, theoretical and hands-on classes are provided in the special-purpose classroom equipped with instrumentation and learning materials, and the JSC SPC ASPECT test facility.

When the training is provided at the customer’s (end-user’s) site, hands-on classes are conducted using the equipment installed at that site.

Training Duration

Duration of the training depends on the topic, level and goals of the trainees. The training includes lectures and hands-on sessions with equipment and software practical activities taking over 50% of the whole training.

Language Support

Training is provided in Russian, English, or any other language (upon request). JSC SPC ASPECT products are in operation in over 50 countries, which has allowed our trainers to gain rich experience in training and support of the users of our products no matter what region they are in.

Training Center

JSC SPC ASPECT possesses specially equipped facilities and employs professional trainers to provide training in operation, maintenance and troubleshooting of radiation monitoring equipment both at factory and on-site.

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Maintenance of radiation monitors and integrated radiation monitoring systems on their basis

JSC SPC ASPECT provides the whole range of services in maintenance of the company’s products. Maintenance includes external and internal visual inspection of equipment, checking of parameter settings, false alarm rates, state of protective grounding, and batteries.

All services are provided by highly-qualified technicians having at their disposal all the necessary instruments including sets of radioactive sources.

Maintenance services are provided on the basis of long-term or one-time contracts.

Dealer network

To provide prompt service to our customers, JSC SPC ASPECT has developed a dealer network in Russian regions and abroad. Our dealers supply our products and provide the whole range of services to our customers, including warranty and post-warranty repairs.


Maintenance service is intended to keep the equipment in good condition within the specified service life period.

Dealer network

Radiation monitors and integrated systems on their basis

Within the warranty period, the radiation monitors are repaired free of charge on site provided that they were put into operation by JSC SPC ASPECT or our authorized regional dealer.

Our warranty obligations are valid on condition that operation rules are observed, including regular performance of maintenance.
In case of the product failure, the customer shall draw a failure certificate describing the failure, and send it to JSC SPC ASPECT by post or e-mail.

Spectrometric, dosimetry and other equipment

In case of the product failure within the warranty period, the customer shall submit a failure notification to JSC SPC ASPECT containing failure description and contact details.

Upon receipt of such notification, we will contact you and agree on the repair order, including scope of work, and shipment of the failed product. The period and cost of repair will be defined more precisely after receipt of the product.

When necessary, JSC SPC ASPECT specialists can come to the customer to provide diagnostics of the equipment. Electronic units are repaired at JSC SPC ASPECT production facilities.


We provide warranty and post-warranty repair of our products. In case of the product failure, we will do diagnostics of the equipment and perform necessary repair with provision of warranty coverage for the repaired units and completed services.

Post-warranty repair services are provided on the basis of long-term or one-time contracts.

Radiation monitors

Verification is done for:


› gamma radiation from 2 to 200 cps/kBq
› neutron radiation from 0.012 to 0.016 pulse/neutron


Verification is done for:


› gamma radiation:
• doserate from 0.1 to 1×108 µSv/h
• dose absorbed from 0.1 to 1×108 µG/h
› neutron radiation from 0.1 to 1×104 µSv/h


Verification is done for:


› gamma radiation:
• scintillation from 0.5 to 1×105 Bq
• semi-conductor from 1.5 to 1×105 Bq
› beta radiation from 17 to 1×105 Bq/kg
› alpha radiation from 0.01 to 1×104 Bq

Personal contamination monitors

Verification is done for:


› gamma radiation (registration)
› beta radiation (measurement) from 1 to 1.5×10⁴ cm-2min-1


Verification is done for:


› gamma radiation from 0.1 to 1×104 µSv/h
› beta radiation from 2 to 2×105 cm-2min-1
› alpha radiation from 1 to 5×103 cm-2min-1

Radioactive waste inventory systems

Verification is done for:


› doserate from 0.1 to 1×105 µSv/h
› range of specific activities from 0.1 to 1×1010 Bq/kg

Verification of measuring instruments

JSC SPC ASPECT has its own metrological department attested with the Federal Service for Accreditation for verification of instruments designed for measuring of ionizing radiation, and staffed with certified personnel, having all the necessary facilities, instruments, standards and licenses.

The service is provided on a contract basis at the JSC SPC ASPECT facilities, or on-site.

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Years of continuous operation of radiation monitors without major repairs

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Countries use our products

Maintenance service of our products

Leading specialists of our dealer companies regularly take mandatory training at JSC SPC ASPECT
To provide warranty and post-warranty repair of JSC SPC ASPECT products, the company has established a service department that is staffed with highly qualified engineers and technicians having years of experience.
Our products may cover several thousand kilometers to get from the factory to their installation sites. To provide prompt support to the users of our products and quickly respond to their requests, we have developed a network of dealers in Russia and neighboring countries.
JSC SPC ASPECT dealers provide a full range of services related to the equipment maintenance, including:

Mounting and start-up
Maintenance of existing equipment
Warranty and post-warranty repair
Technical consulting on any JSC SPC ASPECT product