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JSC SPC ASPECT produces a wide range of portable devices for radiation monitoring. Depending on the model, portable devices are used to measure the quantitative characteristics of nuclear radiation using alpha, beta, gamma and neutron channels, followed by the identification of gamma-emitting radionuclides, exposure dose rate of gamma radiation H*(10). Our portable devices are able to determine the isotopic composition of radioactive materials, the activity of both bare sources and radionuclides in packages, the degree of enrichment of uranium compounds in transport containers, as well as conduct a qualitative and quantitative analysis of various objects for the presence of gamma-emitting radionuclides both in field and in laboratory conditions.

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Our portable devices are used by various services to serve many purposes including, but not limited, monitoring of radioactive and fissile materials trafficking, radiochemical monitoring of technological processes, environmental monitoring on as needed basis, radiation monitoring of areas around hazardous nuclear facilities and at crowded areas. Environmental services of various ministries and agencies use JSC SPC ASPECT portable devices to inspect various objects for gamma contamination, also as part of mobile radiological laboratories.

Key features

Portable devices are designed with bearing in mind strict requirements for field operation and possibility of being used by a personnel of any qualification. High sensitivity, convenience and ease of use significantly reduce time required for response and decision making, and a wide temperature range and rugged construction are suited for use under severe environmental conditions.
The ability to transfer measurement results to a PC or similar devices, also wirelessly, allows subsequent analysis of the received data using application software.

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The portable devices come in various models, which allows our customers to select the model that will be the best match to their installation and operational requirements.
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