Transport security
Security at public events

Intended Use

The RM series radiation monitors are designed to detect gamma and neutron radiation sources carried by pedestrians through the search area. The RM series monitors are installed at places where heavy pedestrian flows are to be monitored without decreasing throughput: at building entrances, transport facilities, gathering places of people or cargo.
Radiation monitors do not emit any ionizing radiation and do not pose any hazard to health.

Monitored objects
  • Transport
  • Pedestrians
  • Baggage

Operation principle

The RM monitor automatically registers ionizing radiation emitted by the object passing the search area without stopping.
If the emitted radiation exceeds the preset threshold, the monitor turns on sound and light alarm and/or transmits alarm information to the external device.


Transport facilities, points of entrance and crowded areas to provide radiation safety of personnel and public, and to prevent acts of unlawful interference.
Radiation monitors are primary means of ionizing radiation detection and serve as a basis to construct integrated radiation monitoring systems.


The monitors have successfully gained certification to the Russian State Standard GOST R and are approved for application at the RF Federal Customs Service, Ministry of Defense, and Federal Security Service facilities.
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Key features

  • Allow concealed mounting into access control devices
  • Monitor heavy flows without reducing throughput
  • Operate automatically, 24/7
  • 12 years of service life minimum
  • Detected ionizing radiation: gamma, neutron
  • External interface: RS-485 (optional Ethernet)

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The RM monitors come in various models, which allows our customers to select the model that will be the best match to their installation and operational requirements.
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