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Rapid development of nuclear energy industry has brought to the forefront issues related to safe management of radioactive waste.
Safety procedures applied in radioactive waste management are defined in “Federal Rules and Regulations in the Field of Nuclear Energy Use. Criteria for Accepting Radioactive Waste for Disposal (NP-093-14)”, “Fundamental Safety Principles. Safety Fundamentals (IAEA, SF-1)” and “Disposal of Radioactive Waste. Specific Safety Requirements (IAEA, SSR-5)”. The basic technical procedure used to determine acceptability of radioactive waste for disposal is its categorization, which can provide reliable information on radiation characteristics of the waste.

  • RW packages


Radioactive waste inventory systems produced by JSC SPC ASPECT realize in practice the requirements of the above mentioned documents, and are used at nuclear industry facilities and at facilities of the National operator for radioactive waste handling.


  • Categorization of all existing categories of radioactive waste, as well as exemption of waste that is not deemed radioactive waste from regulatory control
  • Categorization of radioactive waste in any geometry
  • Modular architecture allows application of various detector types (HPGe, LaBr, CZT, NaI) depending on the customer’s needs
  • Automation of measurements


  • Supports work with external devices: scales, roller conveyors, turntables, barcode scanners
  • Makes it possible to carry out measurements in the operator mode, set up the measurement parameters and view the database records of the measured RW packages in the administrator mode
  • Automatically generates and prints out the passport of the measured RW package

Optional components

Optional components to configure the optimal measurement environment
  • Systems for automated or manual movement of detectors, calibration of measurement paths
  • Protective filters for measuring paths, turntables, trolleys, tripods


All radioactive waste inventory systems produced by JSC SPC ASPECT are approved measuring instruments and comply with the requirements of the Customs Union Technical Regulations ТР ТС 004/2011 “Safety of low voltage devices” and ТР ТС 020/2011 “Electromagnetic compatibility”.

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The radioactive waste inventory systems come in various models, which allows our customers to select the model that will be the best match to their installation and operational requirements.
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Radioactive waste inventory systems supplied to Russian and foreign sites, including NPPs, RW storages, and other nuclear industry facilitites.